Let me be your best confidant…
When I meet my dates, I know that the only and deepest goal is that there is a real connection and a positive experience for both of us.
I like to be tender and authentic. I like to be myself and dissolve the barriers of the main nervousness, being active and committed to the experience.
You are going to get to know me in a real way and I like you to get to know me in the same way. If there is something that prevents you from connecting you can express it.
By offering a girlfriend service, I behave like a girlfriend.
I hug, kiss and chat like no other.

Respect, trust and confidentiality are basic for a quiet and pleasant encounter.

I do not use any kind of substance during the encounters and I do not accept the use of these. I advocate a healthy and wholesome life.

To confirm the appointment, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance and I will ask for a 20% deposit to confirm the meeting.

The meetings will be at your accommodation or hotel.

For travel, a 20% deposit + air or train ticket is required plus all the details of where we going to be. (Adress is mandatory)

I make only outcalls to hotels or private apartments. I ask for the location in live via whatssap, collaborate and do not send location from google maps. I do not accept locations that are not live.

If you would like to make an appointment for later than 12pm, please let me know in advance